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Noun. November 29, 2012, Word of the Day


Even more studly, awe inspiring, and respected than the School Captain, the Games Captain was the boy (in an all-boys school) or girl (in an all-girls school) that represented the best sporting talent of that school.

Come sports day it was the games captain that led the entire school in all its house colours in the march past, followed by the school captain, then the house captains at the head of each of their houses.

Coincidentally the games captain was also the most likely recipient of grace marks. Trite but true (sung to the melody of Metallica's "Sad But True"...)


Reshma: "Where is Latha these days?"
Ramya: "She is settled in Dubai. With some sheik i blivv."
Reshma: "Yessaa?? How like that? Simply, or...?"
Ramya: "I don't know pa, after school no college or anything, directly she went off with some big shot from there!"
Reshma: "Not bad I say. Games Captain or what?"
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