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A phrase read when a person is sentenced to death in India. This sentence is verbatim taken from the Indian penal code. 'until dead' or 'till death' was inserted after a case where an Indian freedom fighter against the British was ordered to be hanged by the British Judiciary and immediately after the 'hanging' the rope was removed from his neck and he survived. The lawyer for the victim was Barrister Chittaranjan Das who had pleaded that the Order was 'to be hanged' and that had been complied.This argument could not be overruled and the man was set free. A subsequent amendment to the law for capital punishment was inserted subsequently.


Kasab gets death for 'waging war' against India
Last updated on: May 6, 2010 19:45 IST, Rediff news
Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist in the 26/11 Mumbai carnage, was on Thursday sentenced to be hanged till death.
Kasab shall be hanged by the neck until death," Special Judge M L Tahaliyani said while reading out the sentence awarded to the 22-year-old terrorist.
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