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Translation - 'One mosquito can turn a man into a transsexual', these immortal words were part of Nana Pathekar's dialouges in some movie. To understand this unique concept on how just one little mosquito can be used to question your sexuality, you have to understand how hijras in South Asia operate.
These hijra persons will land up at your place at any auspicious day and demand money. If for some reason you refuse, they will hurl abuses at you and clap their hands in such a way that they make louder noises than your porki self could ever do. All this to embarrass you into parting with your cash.
So basically, the clapping motion you perform to kill a mosquito makes you look like a hijra and the point of ridicule.


Hijra - Haye Haye! Haye Haye! Haye Haye!!

Lakshmikanth - You know I hate this shit man, I work hard for my money and try to not break the rules and shit 'cause I just want to have a normal quiet life, but then along come these bhikaris and hijras demanding my damned money! It's not like I'm Ambani or Birla or something.

Suhaisana - Aicchhhhh, chaddies in a bunch huh? Ek machar aadmi ko hijra bana deta hai! LOL.

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