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The Mecca of Carnatic Music. That veritable Mylapore institution that upholds the hoary traditions of an ancient and intricate art. A place where posh-Central-Madras (not Chennai) Brahmins congregate in their frosted-peacock-like saris (Often in MS blue) and Nirma-advertisement-white veshtis with nondescript checked-shirts and shake their heads, close their eyes, and let out an occasional "Sabaash!"

During the music season, the place also features a canteen from where the most delectable smell of sambar and filter coffee mixed with sardonic conversation emanates.


Connecticut Krishna Iyer: Hey, Raja! Are you going to Madras this December?
Vermont Varadaraja Iyengar: Of course, Kris! I have season tickets for Music Academy!
Connecticut Krishna Iyer: Great! We must teach our children about our culture, and no better place than the Music Academy.
Vermont Varadaraja Iyengar: I agree. Make sure they drink only Bisleri water, though. We don't want them to learn about that other part of our culture, do we?
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