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A hilarious show that made its mark on Radio City around 2001, Lingo Leela was an ''SLC poss, currently unemplaayed” character brought to life by Bangalore's much loved RJ Priya Ganapathy, who attempted to teach listeners fullminchu Kannada. Commuting Bangaloreans had no chaiyce but to fall headdon-heels in lau with her on their way to work.

Hearing her opening lines in her crisssp-as-happala Kannada accent itself made you die of loffter - ''Uelcome to Colloquial Clayss by Miss Lingo Leela; SLC poss, currently unemplaayed. I have taken dhi tosk of yeducating you aan dhi unknown facets of dhi wonderfull local slanguaze; today's waard of the day ees...bejaan/ putani/ jingchhak/sinkesh'' and yexetera.

Alas, LIngo Leela gawe kai,
& went off to Mum bai.

Come back, diyar gelathi, yuvar lizzeners orr too much missing yuar clayzzes!


Khum, lettuce pay admission fees and attend dhi claysses of Lingo Leela. She is SLC poss, currently unemplayed. Jesst what dhi dacter ordered.
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