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Jantar Mantar

\Jun-tur mun-tur\
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Noun. March 26, 2012, Word of the Day


This funny sounding place it simms is an important astronomy related building built in 1724 AD by some enthu cutlet. Nowadays, hijacked by people who want to protest, gherao, or fast and all. Behind the complex there is a colony of people who live there and for a small fee or biryani are available to protest on your behalf.


Madhusudhan - Yaar, I think we should all join the protest against corruption going on in Jantar Mantar.

Rajinder - Don't buy into the hype Maddy, these people like Anna, Kejriwal, the Bhushans and Kiran Bedi who are protesting are loaded. They can afford not to work, we buggers on the other hand have to work to feed our families and pay our bills.

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North India

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