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(Bond paper is stamp paper). Much like ill change my name, this is another exaggerated attempt to convince you of the truth of the matter.

Could be any matter, for that matter; only, it involves matters which are yet to occur in the near future (so MAKE him write it on bond paper, there's no guarantee!).

'I advise you to buy the stocks of 'Clueless Computers' ma'am. I'll write it on bond paper, its going to go through the roof in the next 3 days!' (Make him write & give!!)

India will lose the cricket match today macha, I'll write it on bond paper & give! (no need for him to write)

Yediyurappa will have to give up his Chief Ministership soon, I'll write it on bond paper! (ummm..this one's tricky. Okay, let him write. whose father what goes!)

You are steadying for 1/2 an hour every day for injineering final exams, I'll write it on bond paper that you are going to do fail this semester! (no need, no?)

And so on and so forth...


Ajji:You are playing too much lagori day and night with the street kids these this if you go I'll write it on bond paper and give, you will become SSLC fail this year!
Thatha: Aing!!
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