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in 1975, Ramesh Sippy cast a (then relatively) unknown stage actor, Amjad Khan, to play the part of the dacoit Gabbar Singh in Sholay and the rest, as they say, is history.

Gabbar's on-screen time is actually far smaller than people remember, a testament to Amjad Khan's performance. His portrayal of a psychopath without any morals or remorse was so chilling that parents started to warn recalcitrant children that if they did not behave, then "Gabbar will come and take you away".

Three decades later, Gabbar Singh still remains the seminal, but seldom matched, villain in Bollywood history.


Wikiquotes has an entire page dedicated to Gabbar's dialogues -

In one of the most incongruous & bizzare branding choices in marketing history, Britannia decided to use Gabbar's image to promote its Glucose-D biscuits with the tagline - "Gabbar Ki Asli Pasand" (Gabbar's Last Love), giving rise to the instant neologism, "Kitne Biscuit The?" (How Many Biscuits Were There? -- a play on Gabbar asking his own men menacingly how many men bested them).

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