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Any rebuttal worth it's salt in India mustinshould begin with a lawyerly first of all...

An outsider may be forgiven for thinking it denotes the sayer's clarity of thought & organised mind, but its no such thing. We're just buying time by talking bullshit.

Also: if youre from Karnataka, please say 'First af aalu'. Gives it a regional flavour. And if its an auto driver youre debating with, he'll think youre a local. (Thats all. He'll think. But he'll still charge you extra. Dont have such high hopes & all!)


Mom: What time does the school bus drop Pappu everyday? Its 1 O'clock & he should have been here by now...
Dad: (in superior tone) First of all, it isnt the *school bus* that drops Pappu home, its the *driver* of the bus. Next of all, whatever time it is, hes not a baby anymore & doesnt need your constant molly-coddling & worrying about his comings & goings!
Mom (with naughty grin): Stop acting like the grandson of Wren & Martin! Don't have any clue what time he comes, do you?? Huh?
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