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It minns Audio-video room. Basically a room with a tv used for showing some sort of educational stuff to school kids.

All 'good' schools with proper proper facilities and all always had a nice AV room (sometimes with A/C), where students would be subjected to all sorts of documentaries, filmed plays(mostly related to course material somehow) and the like. You know, for rounded development of children or helping them understand some coursework or some such faff. I forget why now, but something like that only.

Today's kids (having all fancy hi-def tv in their own rooms at home, spoilt brats!) will understandably not get excited by the AV room, but back in the days when every household had one khataara tv which kids were hardly allowed to watch, the prospect of going to the AV room generated tremendous excitement. All we could think back then was "TV!! In School??!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!". Picture the entire class jumping like psycho monkeys with happiness and you get a picture of the sudden joy.

(P.S. If you happened to be ill and missed school on AV room day, aiyo! Full sadness only would happen off ya)


"Children! Form an orderly line outside the class. We are going to the AV room to see BBC's Twelfth Night. If any of you make any noise or try to chat while it's playing, I will throw you outside!"
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