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A queasy question, often shot at the squealing soul.

It translates to - Urination? Defecation??

See saar, you may wonder what one would do or could possibly do, by finding out the answer to this koschun?

Well, let's assume you want to do.
But in such a situation where you can't find a suitable place, Do you know:
1.How to do?
2.Where to do?
3.What to do?

Tell me, tell me, I say!! No. You only know to do...

Remember - It is only for your good, will such a query be raised.

Tackling these lies on Our ingenuity. All you have to do is simply shut up and answer. Okay'va?

Let's look at some scenarios now.

Situation One:
A: 1 bathroom'aa? 2 bathroom'aa??
B: 1 bathroom.
A: You see that compound wall, electric transformer? Go there man, Go. If you are feeling shy, just close your eyes. Thats All!

Situation Two:
A: 1 bathroom'aa? 2 bathroom'aa??
B: Hmmm.... 2 bathroom
A: Come we will have some coffee.
B: I don't want Coffeee!!!
A: I know man, come come.
*A drags B to Sagar/Darshini type hotel and orders for One-by-Two coffee and asks the waiter....*
A: Excuse me, where is the restroom?
Waiter: There sir *points in the direction towards salvation*
B hurriedly leaves the scene, to discharge his duties and only to return relieved and light. The grin on his face, is the testimony of returning grace.


At a Marriage Procession......

Munna *grunts* - Amma, bathroom.....
Amma *charging* - Always like your father, Ota Kundi Narayana. 1 bathroom'aa? 2 bathroom'aa??
Munna - 1 bathroom.....*puts up paavam face*

Amma calls out for some cousin fellow in the crowd....

Amma *shouts* - Dei thambi, Mikezilla......can you come here..
Meekzilla: I told you, it's not Mikezilla.... It's Meekzilla
Amma - Meekzilla'vo.... Gorilla'vo.... whatever it is... Can you take Munna to the side, he wants to go to 1 bathroom...

Meekzilla herds Munna to the compound wall...

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